VISUAL LAND V-TOUCH PRO :: ME-905 Series Touch Screen Media Player

The Visual Land V-Touch Pro is our latest touch screen media player which takes the best features of our previous player and improves upon them as well as adding some new ones! The V-Touch Pro features a 3" touch screen with multiple video, music and image support in an ultra-thin, portable housing. Smaller than most cell phones with a single panel face and piano finish make this a sleek and sexy unit you can take with you wherever you go.

The 3-inch screen delivers the full picture with its impressive resolution. Need a bigger screen? The TV out feature also lets you watch your videos on your TV. And with multiple format support, including AVI, Real Media, Flash and Windows Media videos, you have total flexibility in your media library. Audio files are also reproduced with full quality sound through the built-in speaker or headphone jack with support for numerous audio formats including MP3, WMA, RA and WAV files. You can also utilize the V-Touch Pro as a digital photo album with support for JPG, BMP and GIF files.

The V-Touch Pro also features an FM Radio, Voice Recorder and E-book Reader. It's built-in flash memory can store all your media files as well as double as a flash drive for transporting other important documents. And should the internal memory not be enough, a built-in MicroSD card slot provides expansion for even more. The V-Touch Pro also features a built-in 2 megapixel camera for taking still pictures and video.

Memory Size 4GB / 8GB
Memory Expansion MicroSDHC Expansion Slot to 16GB exFAT supported
Speaker Yes, on front of player
Headphone Standard 3.5mm Socket
TV-Out Connectors Audio Cable and Component Cable (NO HDMI)
PC Connection Standard Mini USB Slot
Camera Yes, on rear of player
Camera Type Still Photo / Video Capture
Camera Size 2 megapixel
Microphone Yes, built in for Voice Rec
Language Support English, Chinese, Spanish, French, etc.
Operation Method Touch Screen and Button Controls
Weight 3.3 ounces
Dimensions 4.21" x 2.28" x 0.51"
Screen Size 3"
Screen Resolution 400x240
Touchscreen Resistive
Aspect 16:9 Widescreen
Battery Life 3 Hours Video, 6+ Audio (heavily dependent on file types)
Charging Method via USB (Computer or AC Adapter)
Formats Most popular formats.
ID Tag Support Yes, A-Z listing options also, Artist, Album, Genre, Star Rating
Playlist Yes
Lyrics Yes, via external .lrc files
EQ Modes Normal, 3D, Rock, Pop, Classic, Bass, Jazz, Custom
Album Art Yes, from embedded art within music file for MP3 and WMA
Formats Most popular formats.
Max Resolution  
Video Out Yes
Multiple Audio Tracks No
Subtitles No
Formats Most popular formats.
Max Resolution 1800x1800
Formats TXT
Functions Supports Bookmarks, Music Control while reading
FM Radio Yes
FM Record Yes
FM Transmitter No
Games No
Voice Recorder Simple voice recording with built in microphone


What do I do if the touch becomes unresponsive?

Should the V-Touch Probecome unresponsive to touch, try resetting the player using the reset button which is located on the back in the bottom left corner of the player. Should the problem persist, use the Menu/Navigation buttons to move through the menu options to the “Calibrate” function. Select it and you should be able to recalibrate your touch screen.

How do I put files on the player?

  1. Plug in your V-Touch Pro to your PC with the included USB cable.
  2. Locate your player on the PC by opening 'My Computer', it should show up as an extra drive. Open the player drive.
  3. Locate the directory where the files you want on the player are located on your PC, and open that folder.
  4. Click and hold on the desired file to transfer, and then "Drag" it over to the player's external drive folder, and unclick to 'drop' the file onto the player.
  5. Your V-Touch Pro does not support synching with Windows Media Player, iTunes, MusicMatch, or any other programs. Simply use the process above to put files on your.
  6. Your V-Touch Pro accepts subfolders. Simply right click inside the external drive folder and choose "New" then choose "Folder"
  7. Do not create subfolders within subfolders, because your player will not be able to read these files. If you want to make more subfolders, simply create them inside the removable disk drive main folder.

What if I get a file format error?
  1. A file format error generally occurs when you have a corrupted file that corrupts the firmware.
  2. To fix this, plug your player into your PC with the included USB cable.
  3. Locate your player on the PC by opening 'My Computer', it should show up as an extra drive.
  4. Right click on the drive letter and select the "format" option. This should clean the memory and you should be able to copy your files onto the player again.

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