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How do I set up the webcam feature?
  1. Download:
  2. On your player, select the PC Camera option. The player will prompt you to connect the player to the computer via USB.
  3. Connect the player to your computer via the USB cable. Once your computer detects the player, it will prompt you for a driver.
  4. Choose to manually select a driver. Go to the folder where you unzipped the above program and select it.
  5. The computer will detect the drive and your player is now set up as a webcam device for Skype, MSN Messenger, AIM, etc.
  6. Now that the player is set up, you will not have to install the driver in the future. Simply select the PC Camera option and connect to the computer via USB when prompted and it will be ready to use.

How do I convert videos for playback?

  1. Download:
  2. Run the installation for the MP4 Tool on the included application CD.
  3. To begin, choose the video you wish to convert by selecting the File menu, then Open Source.
  4. Find the file that you wish to convert. Once it is opened go to the File menu again to select the location where you wish to save the file and what you want to name it.
  5. If you do not do so it will automatically save the file in the same location and the same name will be used.
  6. Before converting you may also adjust different settings, such as video resolution, volume adjustment, the frames per second, and other advanced features, you may also at any time select default to bring back the original settings if you have changed something and did not like the results.
  7. Once you have the settings to your preference, you may now use the Convert button, which may take a few to several minutes, depending on the file size of the original.

Where can I download a driver for this player?

What if my player can't find my files?

The V-Touch Player uses a directory structure for intial scan of usable files. Each mode goes to an appropriate default folder for its initial scan of playable files. Video files should be placed in the “VIDEO” folder. Audio files should be placed in the “AUDIO” folder. Image files should be placed in the “IMAGE” folder. If they are not placed in the appropriate folders, you will need to search through the player's directories to find them.

Audio File Formats Supported: MP3, WMA

Video File Formats Supported: AVI, 3GP, MP4*
*Other file formats need to be converted using the included conversion software.

What if my songs are not showing up in the playlist?

If you are updating your music list and the player is not showing all your songs in the playlist, try creating subfolders in the MUSIC folder and splitting the songs between those folders.

What if the touch screen has become unresponsive?

Should the V-Touch become unresponsive to touch, try resetting the player using the reset button which is located on the bottom right side of the player. Should the problem persist, use the Menu/Navigation buttons to move through the menu options to the “Calibrate” function. Select it and you should be able to recalibrate your touch screen.

How do I put files on my player?

  1. Plug in your V-Touch to your PC with the included USB cable.
  2. Locate your player on the PC by opening 'My Computer', it should show up as an extra drive. Open the player drive.
  3. Locate the directory where the files you want on the player are located on your PC, and open that folder.
  4. Click and hold on the desired file to transfer, and then "Drag" it over to the player's external drive folder, and unclick to 'drop' the file onto the player.
  5. Your V-Touch may support synching with Windows Media Player, but it is not guaranteed. Your Visual Land Player however will NOT support other synching software such as iTunes, MusicMatch, or any other programs. Simply use the process above to put files on your V-Touch.

I've seen pictures that show a games feature, where are the games? / How do I install games?

We are continually upgrading our players to give our users the best possible experience with their units. As such, some product specifications and/or features may be made without prior notice or obligation. At this current time, our units do not support a games feature.

What do I do if I'm getting a file format error?

  1. A file format error generally occurs when you have a corrupted file that corrupts the firmware.
  2. To fix this, plug your player into your PC with the included USB cable.
  3. Locate your player on the PC by opening 'My Computer', it should show up as an extra drive.
  4. Right click on the drive letter and select the "format" option. This should clean the memory and you should be able to copy your files onto the player again.

How do I update the firmware?

  1. All Visual Land players ship with the most up to date firmware.
  2. DO NOT DOWNLOAD FIRMWARE FROM ANY THIRD PARTY. If you find firmware anywhere besides this site, do not download it to you player. Third party firmware's will destroy your player and offer no new features.
  3. If we do update the firmware, it will be uploaded here, and you will be able to download it directly from this page.
  4. Downloading any firmware from anyone but Visual Land will void your warranty.

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